Using Exe-image and Source-code GEMPACK together

A Source-code GEMPACK licence is usually a site licence covering the whole of some department or section of an organization. The standard installation procedure is not very quick and requires that a suitable Fortran compiler is installed. If there are many GEMPACK users, it may be laborious to repeatedly perform a full Source-code GEMPACK install.

An efficient alternative, in some cases, would be for a small core group of modellers to install the full Source-code GEMPACK (with Fortran compiler) and for an outer group of less frequent (or less advanced) users to use the Unlimited Exe-image version of GEMPACK (without Fortran compiler). No additional licence is needed, because a Source-code licence file will also enable use of the Unlimited Exe-image version.

The install procedure, for members of the outer group, would simply be to:

Under this system:

For example, a university department with a Source-code GEMPACK licence might install full Source-code GEMPACK (with Fortran compiler) on the PCs of several academic staff, while students used the same licence file to run the Unlimited Executable-Image Version. The Executable-Image Version is also well-suited to a Computer Lab environment.


The Source-code GEMPACK licence needs to be fairly recent. A Source-code licence for GEMPACK Release 12.0 will not activate a Release 12.1 Executable-Image version of GEMPACK. The Release number of the Source-code licence file must match that of the Executable-Image files.

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