New Source Code Licences

Individual or site licences are available.Each Individual or Single-user licence covers one or several PCs used by one person. A site licence covers a group of modellers: for details see here.

New licensees can choose from two alternatives.

1. Initial payment plus annual payments for continuing support and free upgrades

This option provides continuing support and free upgrades, as well as the initial software, documentation and installation instructions. The initial payment covers the first 12 months. Subsequent annual payments cover subsequent periods of 12 months. Licences expire at the end of each 12 month period and need to be renewed to keep the software operational.

2. Single payment for the current version

This option provides the initial software, documentation and installation instructions plus a permanent licence (which does not need to be renewed annually), and support for 3 months. Upgrades and subsequent support are not covered.

The cost of a Source-Code GEMPACK licence is shown here.

We expect new major releases every three years.

Discount for Extra Yearly Payments in Advance

Users opting for the continuing support and free upgrades options will be given a 10% discount on extra yearly payments made at one time.

To place an order, contact the GEMPACK Manager.

GEMPACK is developed and distributed by the Impact Project and KPSOFT, which hold the copyright.

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