GEMPACK Size Limits

GEMPACK imposes no size restrictions if you have:

GEMPACK does impose a size limit on the model you can solve in two cases:

The limits in both these cases are the same, and are shown below. Notice that the limits were substantially enlarged since the April 2009 Release 10.0-001 of GEMPACK. If you are running a model-specific EXE file created by someone else who used an earlier GEMPACK version, the previous lower limits apply.

In older GEMPACK documentation, the limits below were described as defining "medium-sized" models.

Limit Value for GEMPACK
Release 10.0 and earlier
Value for April 2009 GEMPACK
Release 10.0-001 and later
Total number of (components of) endogenous
variables (condensed or backsolved)
30,000 75,000
Total number of (components of) variables
(exogenous and endogenous, condensed or backsolved)
35,000 120,000
Total number of (components of)
condensed endogenous variables
10,000 35,000
Total number of (components of) condensed
variables (exogenous and endogenous)
16,000 70,000
Number of nonzeros in the Left Hand Side (LHS)
Matrix (for any step of the simulation)
75,000 175,000
Total number of reals and integers used for
coefficients (pre-simulation and updated),
plus those used to store simulation results
250,000 300,000
Maximum no of sectors in typical single region model 40 40
Maximum size for standard GTAP model 9 sectors
9 regions
12 sectors
12 regions

Note: Most GEMPACK models are made more compact by omitting, substituting, or backsolving some variables. Variables which are neither omitted, substituted or backsolved are called condensed. The limits above include only condensed and (in some cases) backsolved variables.

Data manipulation programs

No size limits are imposed on TABLO-generated programs or GEMSIM runs where the underlying TAB (Tablo Input) file contains no equations or variables. Nor are there any size limits on command-line GEMPACK utility programs such as SEEHAR or SLTOHT.


There is now no size limit on SAGEM simulations.

You have Source-Code GEMPACK and you want to know if
a TABLO program will run under Limited EXE-Image GEMPACK

You can exploit the fact mentioned above that the limits with a Limited Exe-Image Licence are the same as the limits with a TABLO-generated EXE and NO licence.

Hence, to see if a job would run using Limited Exe-Image, do as follows:

Are you running a public GEMPACK-based training course? If so, we can give you a free, expiring, limited EXE-Image licence for course students, details here.

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