Can you sell me dynamic model XXXXXX ?

We are proud that several well-known dynamic CGE models are solved using GEMPACK and the RunDynam program which is an optional extra part of the GEMPACK system. Some of these models are:

All the above models are solved using GEMPACK and the RunDynam program. RunDynam has also been distributed under other names, such as RunGTEM and RunGDyn. These are just versions of RunDynam, packaged with a particular model. RunDynam on its own does not include a particular CGE model or database -- it is just a very useful aid to managing dynamic simulations.

The dynamic CGE models and data belong to the organizations which continually develop them. Those organizations have site (multi-user) GEMPACK and RunDynam licences.

How could an outsider (not in one of those organizations) get access to a dynamic CGE model? There are several ways:

Those interested in getting a version of the MMRF dynamic model should contact Professor Philip Adams at CoPS. For USAGE contact Professor Peter Dixon at CoPS.

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