GEMPACK Utilities on Non-English Language Windows PCs

I am using some GEMPACK programs or utilities on a Non-English Language Windows PC. What should I do about various obscure problems?

Unfortunately, some GEMPACK programs and some of the utilities used to build them (for example, Fortran compilers) often have problems working in any directories whose full path names include non-English characters. We apologise for this.

By default, if you are using a non-English version of Windows, various important directories are likely to contain non-English characters (for example, the names of these directories may contain your name). Then various obscure problems can occur when you use GEMPACK utilities or programs.

The remedy is fairly simple. We suggest that you set various Environment variables to point to directories which have short, simple names which do not contain any non-English characters. We spell out the details below.

The Environment variables you may need to set are
We suggest that you set each of these to point to directory c:\temp (or some other similar directory which has a simple, short name and which contains only English characters in its full path name).

See these detailed instructions for editing environment variables.

Set the relevant Environment variables (TMP, TEMP, GPTEMP and/or GPKEEP) to appropriate values such as c:\temp.

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