Using GTAP to model regions within countries


Many CGE modellers wish to combine a multi-country model such as GTAP, with modelling of specific regions within one country. For example, a Chinese researcher wished to show Xinjiang separately from the rest-of-China, within a GTAP framework.

Possible approaches

  1. Use standard GTAP model, but split GTAP database region "China" into "Xinjiang" and "OtherChina". TWO different programs, BOTH called "SplitReg", have been made available to help split a GTAP region: See: GTAP Resource #3453 and Archive item TPMH0105. This approach would be quite difficult.
  2. Add "top-down" regions "Xinjiang" and "OtherChina" to "China" region of GTAP. Fairly easy, but has some limitations. See Archive item TPMH0100.
  3. Glue together GTAP and and a national model of China which distinguishes regions. See Archive item TPMH0147.
  4. Stand-alone model of China with Top-down regional extension. See Archive item TPMH0083.
  5. Stand-alone, full multiregional model of China, like SINOTerm.

The last two options use a China-only model; but this could still be "soft-linked" to the GTAP model. For examples, see Archive item TPMH0141, or Working paper G-130.