Computing Documents

Computing Manual for the ORANI Model - First Edition pp. 59.
John Sutton
Nov. 1977
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Computing Manual for the SNAPSHOT Model - Second Edition pp. 46. (Out of print)
Alexandra Strzelecki and Bruce S. Coe
April 1981
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How to Compute a Johansen-Style Solution with the Melbourne Version of ORANI 78 pp. 74.
Peter J. Higgs and B. R. Parmenter
Aug. 1982
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Computing a Johansen-Style Solution with ORANI 78: Completing Aborted Simulations or Using Previous Solutions to Generate Additional Results pp. 19.
Peter J. Higgs and B. R. Parmenter
Oct. 1982
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How to Compute Regional Results with the Melbourne Version of ORANI pp. 106. (Out of print)
Peter J. Higgs and Russell J. Rimmer
Feb. 1983
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A User's Guide for Computing Detailed Short-run Agricultural Sector Results with the Melbourne Version of ORANI 78 pp. 37.
Philip D. Adams
Feb. 1986
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How to Use the Longrun Programs to Extend or Modify an ORANI Solution pp. 67.
Mark Horridge
Nov. 1985
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An Implementation of ORANI Using the GEMPACK Program TABLO pp. 76.
George Codsi, Mark Horridge and K. R. Pearson
Sept. 1988
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A TABLO Implementation of FH-ORANI pp. 48.
Philippa Dee
Aug. 1992
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A Hitchhiker's Guide to GEMPACK pp. 31.
Wayne Calder
Oct. 1992
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TABLO Input Files for the Stalized Johansen, Miniature ORANI and ORANI-F Models pp. 29.
W. Jill Harrison and E. John Small
Sept. 1993
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Adding Accounting-Related Behaviour to a Model Implemented Using GEMPACK
W.J. Harrison and K.R. Pearson
June 2002 (Available electronically)

Small-change Computations of Price and Quantity Indices
Mark Horridge
October 2003 (Available electronically)

RunMONASH: Automating A Dynamic, Recursive CGE Model
Jill Harrison and Glyn Wittwer
February 2004 (Available electronically)

Running Simulations Faster on Multi-Processor or 64-bit PCs via GEMPACK
J Mark Horridge and Ken Pearson
May 2005 (abstract and download)