Information for Onsellers or Distributors

We welcome the assistance to customers provided by Onsellers or Distributors. We know that in some countries government and other regulations make it difficult to purchase overseas software.

We do not offer a discount when working through a distributor since it does not reduce our time and costs; rather it increases them. However, we realise that distributors are providing a valuable service for customers and that customers may well be happy to pay extra to the distributor for this service.

All Onsellers or Distributors may purchase at our usual prices; we do not offer exclusive arrangements to any particular Onseller or Distributor.

When supplying via an intermediary such as an onseller, we require payment in advance. We accept payment via electronic funds transfer (details on request), cheque or credit card.

We also require full customer details, including email address. While we are happy to deliver the software and manuals (where applicable) to the Onseller, it is our practice to email the licence file directly to the customer. This information is also used to verify if any academic or lower-income country discounts may be offered.

When placing an order for the Source-Code version of GEMPACK please remember to indicate if the customer is purchasing under the Single Payment or the Annual Payment Scheme.

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