COPS Archives Submission Guidelines

The archives are for the storage and distribution of a variety of materials such as technical notes, presentations, articles, tender documents and databases which do not fit into the COPS Working Paper category. There are two archives, one Publicly-accessible, the other Restricted to COPS staff.

Each archive item consists of a single ZIP file. This might contain a single file, such as a DOC, PPT or PDF file, or several different files (including HAR, TAB, XLS and other formats). If several files are included, or if there could be any doubt how to use or read the files, an explanatory file README.TXT should be included in the ZIP. ZIPs should normally be smaller than 1 megabyte.

The archive is managed by Mark Horridge. COPS members may submit items to Mark, who will add them to the archive. To submit an item, email your ZIP to Mark, together with the following information:

Descriptions of all Publicly-accessible items appear on a publicly-accessible web-page. The Restricted items are stored in a location (R:\CoPS\archiver) accessible only to COPS staff, and have their own listing.

File Naming System

Items are placed in one of the following classifications:

Each archive item is stored in a ZIP named as follows:

For example the file "" would be a publicly accessible technical memorandum by Ken Pearson; the 86th addition to the archive. Note that file names are lower-case.

Archive listing pages

Each of the two archives (Public and Restricted) has its own web page, listing the items that are available. The format of the listings should be:

as in the example below:

PPHL0007 "Vintage capital approach applied to GE model of Taiwan", Powerpoint presention by Huey-Lin Lee at Ballarat PhD student conference, November 2001, download (303 kb).

File locations

Public archive: The listing is at (same directory as the COPS home page). The associated ZIPs are stored in a directory below, named "archivep". For example, the ZIP mentioned above (Vintage capital) would be located at:

Restricted archive: The listing is at r:\CoPS\archiver\archiver.htm. The associated ZIPs are stored in a directory below, named "archiver". For example, one such ZIP might be located at: v:\data\archiver\archiver\

Linking to Archive items

Public archive items can always be accessed from the public listing, and maybe from other COPS web pages as well. In the latter case, three type of link are possible:

The HTML code for the above would be:

Restricted archive items can only be accessed from the restricted listing.

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