Patch for GTAPAgg

Last updated 6 Jun 2015

This page gives access to a patch (or update) for versions of the GTAPAgg program (not data) produced since August 2002 (version 6.00 or later). The patch should not be used for earlier versions. The patch upgrades to version 8.03 (Jun/15) of GTAPAgg. To find out which version you have, click on the globe icon at bottom right of GTAPAgg - the build date is shown. The patch fixes some minor problems and adds several useful features:

See Help....What's New for more details of changes.

The patch may be updated periodically to incorporate new minor bug fixes. Only minor testing is done after each update. Conceivably, new, undetected, bugs may be introduced. So back up your existing GTAPAgg folder before installing the patch.

To install the patch

First, print out this instruction page. Then ...

(a) Click on the globe icon at bottom right of GTAPAgg to find your GTAPAgg folder (where GTAPAgg.EXE is located). At the same time check that you have version 6 or above of GTAPAgg, with build date August 2002 or later.
(b) Close GTAPAgg
(c) Make a backup or zip of your entire GTAPAgg folder [but not of subdirectories below it].
(d) Download the file AGGPATCH.ZIP (about 15.5 MB) into your GTAPAgg folder.
(e) Some files in your GTAPAgg folder that you wish to replace may be read-only. Clear this setting by opening a command prompt in your GTAPAgg folder, and typing:

 attrib -R *.*

(f) Unzip AGGPATCH.ZIP into the GTAPAgg folder (overwriting some existing files).
(g) Start GTAPAgg and try it out. Clicking on the globe icon at bottom right should indicate GTAPAgg version 8.03.

If you have a problem, you can restore previously existing files using the backup you made at step (c).

This patch updates GTAPAgg.EXE and some other generic programs. It does not contain GTAP data or licence files. The following files are NOT included in AGGPATCH.ZIP: gtapagg.lic default.lic sets.har default.prm default.agg basedata.hrx prmwgt.har tstrade.har gsdvole.har

Bonus Regional Mappings

Successive versions of the GTAP database have distinguished increasing numbers of regions. The mappings show how a standard list of 226 standard regions (nations) maps to each of 14 GTAP region sets, ranging from the 24 regions of GTAP Version 2 up to the 113 regions of GTAP Version 7. Get the mappings here.

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