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CGE models

ORANI-G Material relating to the ORANI-G model, including models (based on ORANI-G) of various countries.

TERM a 57-region bottom-up CGE model for Australia and other countries.

MINIMAL page A complete downloadable introductory course in CGE modelling, based around the simplified MINIMAL model.

CRUSOE A system to extract single-country CGE databases from the GTAP world database. The resulting single-country CGE databases can be used for the ORANI-G or MINIMAL models or for the CRUSOE model (a slightly simplified version of ORANI-G).

GEMPACK-related programs

GEMPACK helper programs Latest (beta) versions of ViewHAR, ViewSOL, TABMate and other utility programs.

Other GEMPACK-related programs including:

ShadeMap A tool for shading or colouring regions of simple maps according to each region's "score".

CRunGEM is a program to allow people with little GEMPACK experience to run a static CGE model, suitable for classroom use, or perhaps to package a model for use by economists who are not GEMPACK experts.

GDX2HAR and HAR2GDX are 2 command-line programs written with Tom Rutherford which translate between GAMS Data Exchange format(.GDX) files and GEMPACK Header Array (.HAR) files). Download them from here.

SAMBAL A GEMPACK program to balance an arbitrary square SAM.

This page gives access to various Object Pascal routines for reading, writing, and manipulating the HAR (header array) files used by GEMPACK. You would need access to, and familiarity with, the Borland Delphi compiler to use these. They might be useful for processing data or result files used in the GEMPACK system.

GTAP-related programs

RunGTAP program for interactively solving the GTAP model of the Global Trade Analysis Project.

Patch to upgrade to latest version of RunGTAP.

GTAPAgg program for interactively generating custom aggregations of the GTAP Data Bases.

Patch to upgrade to latest version of GTAPAgg.

Using GTAP to model regions within countries.

Assistance preparing country data for GTAP.

SplitCom program to split GTAP sectors.

SplitReg program to split GTAP regions.

GTAPAdjust program to rebalance GTAP database.

TASTE program to access HS6-level trade data.

Other programs

Sparse Matrix Solver routines written in Borland Pascal. You would need the Borland Delphi (or another Pascal) compiler to use these.


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