CRunGEM: environment for running or packaging GEMPACK CGE models

Updated 15 April 2015

CRunGEM is a program to allow people with little GEMPACK experience to run a static CGE model. It is designed for those who wish to design and perform simulations without changing the model's equations or database. It would be suitable for classroom use, or perhaps to package a model for use by economists who are not GEMPACK experts. You can download and run CRunGEM without any GEMPACK licence, as long as the model is not too large.

CRunGEM [Customized RunGEM] is a version of the GEMPACK program RunGEM. Like RunGEM, it is designed to assist people to run model simulations and to view results. The differences between CRunGEM and RunGEM are:

You could distribute CDs containing CRunGEM to students or clients, with fair confidence that they could install and run it at home. Most CRunGEM installations include the MINIMAL model which includes a document giving detailed instructions for using the CRunGEM program.

Downloading CRunGEM

Download the installer package CRUNGEMX.EXE (16 MB) and save it in your TEMP folder.

The install procedure tells you how much free hard disk space you will need. You might have to clean up your hard drive before proceeding. It's best to install into a folder named C:\CRunGEM. Avoid directory names that contain spaces, commas or Asian characters or are more than 12 letters long. CRunGEM requires that the user has his own copy of the program on his own hard drive. The program cannot be installed on a network drive and used by several people at once.

Several models are included in the standard CRunGEM package, typically:

Other models you can download and run with CRunGEM

You can run other models with CRunGEM by downloading any of the model-specific zip files below. Download a zip and store it anywhere, eg, in C:\temp. Then start CRunGEM, and use the File...Add Model command to select the zip and install the model into CRunGEM. You'll have to quit, then re-start CRunGEM to use the new model. To run some of the larger models (indicated below) you'll need some sort of GEMPACK licence.

GEMPACK licence may be required

No GEMPACK licence is needed to use CRunGEM with the models included in the basic package. However, to run larger models a GEMPACK licence may be required. The licence need not be recent. If you wanted to distribute a larger model with CRunGEM to people with no GEMPACK licence you could suggest that they purchase the cheapest, Introductory Licence. For more information see here.

CRunGEM for other models

It is fairly easy (for a moderately skilled GEMPACK user) to adapt other GEMPACK models for delivery with CRunGEM. Instructions on how to do this are in the file MyCRunGEM.doc included in the CRunGEM download.

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