Ancillary Programs for GEMPACK Users

These are various aids to GEMPACK work, most of them written by Mark Horridge, which you can download.

Windows Programs

NOTE: For ViewHAR, ViewSOL and TABmate.. see here.

WINORANI is a non-GEMPACK Windows program to solve the small MO model described in Chapter 3 of the DPSV 1984 ORANI book. For teaching purposes.

CONDOPT1.EXE CondOpt [Condensation Optimizer] is designed for experienced GEMPACK [sourcecode licence] users who wish to reduce lengthy solution times for large models. It is a program which helps to optimize the choice of variables to be substituted or backsolved. It repeatedly runs both TABLO and your model with different substitutions to find the fastest combination. You might leave it running overnight or through the weekend to find the best possible:
* choice of variables to substitute or backsolve.
* order in which substitutions should be performed.
CondOpt has been updated Nov 2015 to use the modern CHM style of helpfile.

Command-line (DOS) Programs

CSV2HAR.ZIP Contains CSV2HAR program for converting a database extract in comma-separated-value (CSV) format into a HAR file. For example, you could turn a CSV file of COMTRADE data into a HAR file. Instructions in CSV2HAR.DOC. Major updates June 2013

DAGG.ZIP DAGG command-line program for aggregating, disaggregating and RASsing data on header array files (with lengthy instruction document and FORTRAN source)[May 2018: 64-bit version added for larger problems]

DAGGHAR.ZIP DAGGHAR command-line program for disaggregating data on header array files (with instruction document and example). Compared to DAGG, DAGGHAR has a different feature set and is more modern.

PREPRO.ZIP Text file pre-processor, with instructions and FORTRAN source

SORTHEAD.ZIP Contains SortHead program for sorting a vector in a HAR file, and SORTEXM.TAB, a TABLO program illustrating how output from SortHead might be used. For sorting or ranking results and data with GEMPACK Release 8 or previous (GEMPACK Release 9 has built-in sorting methods).

REGHAR.ZIP RegHAR is a command line program to perform OLS multiple regression. Its distinguishing features are: both input and output are in HAR file format; and it deals conveniently with categorial variables. It may be useful when regression is part of some larger sequence of GEMPACK data manipulations. For example, missing observations could be replaced using predicted values from a regression. Regression can also be used to help explain results. RegHAR is not intended to compete with comprehensive statistical packages. Its principal use may be when other GEMPACK programs are used either to generate input data for a regression, or to process regression results. In such cases, RegHAR's use of the HAR file format for input and output would be handy. See RegHAR.doc.

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