Recent versions of selected GEMPACK programs

Last updated 24 February 2020

From this page you can download a "bundle" containing the very latest (beta) versions of GUI programs such as TABmate, ViewHAR, ViewSOL, WinGEM and AnalyseGE, together with some "bonus" programs which are not part of the official GEMPACK release. The bundle is intended for :

The programs downloadable below are intended for use with GEMPACK Release 12 or later under the Windows OS. To install them, you will need a valid licence for GEMPACK 12 or later, or for RunDynam 3.80 or later. See here if you have an earlier release of GEMPACK.


The programs are contained within a single self-extracting EXE. Download and run

to install into your GEMPACK folder (normally C:\GP) or RunDynam folder (normally C:\RunDynam). Each GUI program has a Help...What's New command which lists main new features.

Sometimes after installation Windows queries: "This program might not have installed correctly". In that case, respond: "This program installed correctly".

The bundle also contains many command-line programs, including: TstHAR (set DOS errorlevel according to Boolean stored on HAR file); AggHAR (data aggregation program); DaggHAR (data disaggregation program); WHERE32 (locates files on your hard disk); DIRSIZES (shows sizes of directories and subdirectories); MergeHAR (combines headers from 2 HAR files into 1, versatile options); DiffHAR (computes ordinary or % differences between 2 HAR files); and many others. See the installed file BONUS.TXT for more details.

DO NOT download the above file if you are using GEMPACK 11 (or previous). These newer programs may not work properly, and you might have to re-install GEMPACK to set things right.

After installing, you should check that existing icons and shortcuts point to the newly installed version, not the old version. The Help..About box for each program shows the EXE location.

Some GEMPACK-related programs (such as RunDynam or RunGTAP) have their own copies of ViewHAR, ViewSOL, TABmate, etc. Install the bundle into your RunDynam or RunGTAP folder BEFORE you install into your GEMPACK folder (so that shortcuts end up pointing to the GEMPACK folder).

If you have a problem with these programs, you should first download the latest versions from this page, and install them again. New problems are discovered and fixed every month. If the problem persists, email, but be sure to attach the "diagnostic file" which you can get from the Help..About command in each GUI program.

For previous GEMPACK versions:
For GEMPACK Release 12.0: build from March 2019. Download and run BUNDLE19.EXE.
For GEMPACK Release 11.4: build from March 2016. Download and run BUNDLE16.EXE.
For GEMPACK Release 11.3: build from November 2015. Download and run BUNDLE15.EXE.
For GEMPACK Release 11: build from July 2014. Download and run BUNDLE14.EXE.
For GEMPACK Release 11: Last build of 2013. Download and run BUNDLE13.EXE.
For GEMPACK Release 11: Last build of 2012. Download and run BUNDLE12.EXE.
For GEMPACK Release 11: Last build of 2011. Download and run BUNDLE11.EXE.
For GEMPACK Release 10: Last build of 2010. Download and run BUNDLE10.EXE.
For GEMPACK Release 10: Last build of 2009. Download and run BUNDLE09.EXE.
For GEMPACK Release 10: Last build of 2008. Download and run BUNDLE08.EXE.
For GEMPACK Release 9: Last build of 2007. Download and run BUNDLE07.EXE.
For GEMPACK Release 9: Last build of 2006. Download and run BUNDLE06.EXE.
For GEMPACK Release 9: Last build of 2005. Download and run BUNDLE05.EXE.
For GEMPACK Release 8: Last build of 2004 (before radical changes to ViewSOL and ViewHAR). Download and run BUNDLE04.EXE.
For GEMPACK Release 8: Download and run BUNDLE02.EXE.
For GEMPACK Release 7: Download and run BUNDLE2K.EXE.
For GEMPACK Release 6: Download and run BUNDLE99.EXE.

This page gives access to various (older) Object Pascal routines for reading, writing, and manipulating the HAR (header array) files used by GEMPACK. You would need access to, and familiarity with, the Delphi Pascal compiler to use these. They might be useful for processing data or result files used in the GEMPACK system.

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