CoPS and Brazil

During the last 20 years CoPS has enjoyed many collaborations with Brazilian academics, beginning in the mid-1990s with links to Professor Eduardo Haddad at the University of São Paulo. Haddad and his team constructed the B-MARIA CGE model of Brazil, based on the CoPS MMRF model.

The current phase began with a year-long visit to CoPS by Professor Joaquim Bento de Souza Ferreira Filho (of ESALQ, USP, Piracicaba) in 2002, when he constructed a large CGE model of Brazil. Professor Mark Horridge of CoPS made a 3-month return visit to Piracicaba in 2004. Since then Horridge and Ferreira Filho have met most years, in Brazil, Australia or elsewhere, to work on Brazilian CGE models based on the TERM framework. A number of Brazilian academics and graduate students have spent up to a year at CoPS. The Practical GE Modelling Course was presented in São Paulo (2006) and again in Brasilia (2018).

The collaborations have led to several journal articles and working papers, mostly focused on the regional, distributional and ecological consequences of Brazilian economic policies. They include:

Preliminary versions of some of the above papers can be downloaded via Working Papers 229, 218, 169 and 149. Related technical material appears in Archive Items TPMH0144, TPMH0130, TPMH0113, TPJB0095 and PPJB0078.

CoPS also collaborates with the CEDEPLAR Regional Studies Centre in the Federal University of Minas Gerais, see for example this PDF.

During 2018 CoPS worked with the CNI (Confederação Nacional da Indústria) to present a training course, and to analyse the effects of proposed tariff reductions.

CGE places in Brazil
CGE places in Brazil: right-click to see bigger image