GEMPACK 10: new features

The main new features of Release 10.0 focus on reducing simulation time for large models. Some beta testers have reported time savings of 50% or even 70% -- your mileage may vary !

Faster solution of larger models

Most new Windows PCs have 2 or even 4 processors -- and support up to 8GB of RAM. Release 10.0 helps you make use of these advances:

Other Enhancements

Read the full details in GPD-9: Release 10 of GEMPACK: New Features and Changes from Release 9.0 (PDF).

Behind the scenes

Whilst developing GEMPACK 10, Ken Pearson has constructed an automated testing system to detect bugs. His partially-solar-powered quad-core PC repeats thousands of simulations weekly to check that new errors have not been introduced. We think that GEMPACK 10 is the most reliable version yet.

Ordering or Upgrading

Price details are listed here. Current subscribers to GEMPACK's "annual payment" scheme will automatically receive the latest version without charge. Previous purchasers under the "single payment" scheme are entitled to an upgrade price. Substantial discounts are offered to universities and to users from lower-income countries.

Free Trial

You can freely download the Limited Executable-Image of GEMPACK 10 from here -- it comes with a 3-month trial licence.

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