GEMPACK Release Notes

GEMPACK is continually improved -- annual updates are available and there is a new major Release every 3 or 4 years. Highlights of some previous Releases and updates are listed below, with links to further details.

Release 12.1 (December 2019): details here. More speedups; automatic homogeneity testing.

Release 12 (September 2018): details here. Linear solve times greatly reduced; more Linux programs; loops; 64-bit Windows programs.

Release 11.4 (February 2016): details here. Support for Intel Fortran 15,16; ; LTG times and runtimes greatly reduced.

Release 11.3 (June 2014): details here. Support for Intel Fortran 14; ; GFortran LTG times reduced.

Release 11.2 (May 2013): details here. Replaceable parameters may be used in CMF files; longer lines are allowed in TAB files; enhancements to Windows programs.

Release 11.1 (May 2012): details here. Improved GFortran support and implementation of "index-in-set" conditions; some enhancements to Windows programs.

Release 11.0 (October 2011): details here. Added GFortran support and "index-in-set" conditions.

Release 10.0-002 update (April 2010): details here. Added more efficient memory use; extended set constructor statements; shocks from coefficients

Release 10.0-001 update (April 2009): details here. Added relaxed size limits for Exe-image; support for Intel Fortran 11; and code speedups

Release 10.0 (May 2008): details here. Added parallel processing; support for Intel Fortran compiler and 64-bit TABLO-generated programs; better re-use of pivots.

Release 9.0-003 update (August 2006): details here. Added sparse format for Header Array files.

Release 9.0 (April 2005): details here. Added post-simulation processing in TAB files.

Release 8.0 (October 2002): details here. Added complementarities; condensation instructions in TAB file; new functions; homotopy terms; levels shocks.

Release 7.0 (October 2000): details here. Added subtotals; AnalyseGE; RunDynam; set mappings; shocks from HAR files; Gloss in TABmate.

Release 6.0-001 update (March 1999): details here. Added range testing; memory reporting.

Release 6.0 (October 1998): details here. Added reporting of levels results; set unions and intersections; streamlined CMF files; RunGEM; editing mode in ViewHAR; ViewSOL.

Release 5.2 (September 1996): details here. Added TABLO-like statements in CMF files; Set and element labelling on HAR files; WinGEM; ViewHAR; systematic sensitivity analysis; SET complements; assertions.

Release 5.1 (April 1994): Added GEMSIM.

Release 4.2.02 (April 1991): the first to look like modern GEMPACK. It included TABLO, TG-programs (though not yet GEMSIM), sparse solving techniques, Header Array files and multi-step calculations.