Release 11.1 (May 2012) of GEMPACK

Release 11.1 is mainly a maintenance upgrade, addressing some bugs have been detected since GEMPACK Release 11 (October 2011) of GEMPACK was introduced. The main changes are briefly described below.

Fixed GFortran problems

Since our experience with GFortran is short, we have inevitably discovered (and fixed) several anomalies:

Some users have been disappointed with GFortran's performance: GFortran compiles much slower than the Lahey compiler, and usually runs slower than the Intel compiler. Results are quite model-dependent. See this comparison table.

"Index-in-set" problems

The index-in-set feature was introduced in Release 11. Early experience identified two problems:

To address both problems, the feature has been entirely re-implemented. Now, TABLO internally translates index-in-set expressions into conditional SUM expressions. If you make a typing error in your TAB file, you may see an error or warning message that refers to these SUMs (even though they are not present in the original TAB file).

Other Improvements

Improvements to GUI (Windows) programs

GUI programs like AnalyseGE, ViewHAR and ViewSOL have a Help..What's New menu item which lists recent improvements. These include:


Release 11.1 will be supplied to all new GEMPACK purchasers from May 2012. Current subscribers to the "annual payment scheme" for the source-code version of GEMPACK are advised to download a free upgrade -- they should email (specifying their licence number) for further details.

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