Release 11.2 (May 2013) of GEMPACK

Release 11.2 is mainly a maintenance upgrade, addressing some smaller bugs that were detected since GEMPACK Release 11.1 (May 2012) of GEMPACK was introduced and building on previous improvements. Additional improvements are listed below.

Improvements and new features

Parameters in batch files

GEMPACK now allows you to pass replaceable parameters from the command line to CMF files. For example, either of the commands:

  gemsim  -cmf sim.cmf -p1="1.3"
  mymodel -cmf sim.cmf -p1="1.3"

will cause each occurrence of <p1> within sim.cmf to be replaced at runtime by 1.3. For example, if sim.cmf contained the line:

  shock   realwage = <p1> ; 

GEMPACK would translate this at runtime to:

  shock   realwage = 1.3 ;

The facility is designed to assist in the running of multiple similar simulations using BATch files. The syntax and operation mimics the operation of the replaceable parameters %1, %2, and so on, which can appear in a BAT file. For more details see the GEMPACK manual.

A document (with examples you can run) containing ideas of how you might use replaceable parameters for CMF files is contained in this archive item.

Longer lines in TAB files

Lines in TAB files can now be up to 255 characters long, allowing more freedom in TABLO code layout (previous limit was 80). However, note that:

Other Improvements

Improvements to GUI (Windows) programs

GUI programs like AnalyseGE, ViewHAR and ViewSOL have a Help..What's New menu item which lists recent improvements. These include:


Release 11.2 will be supplied to all new GEMPACK purchasers from May 2013. Current subscribers to the annual payment scheme for the source-code version of GEMPACK are advised to download a free upgrade -- they should email (specifying their licence number) for further details.

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