Release 11 (October 2011) of GEMPACK

GEMPACK Release 11 includes a number of enhancements (and a very few bug-fixes!) made since the April 2008 release of GEMPACK 10. The main improvements made during the last year [ie, since Release 10.002, April 2010] are listed below.

Index-in-set expressions

GEMPACK 11 allows Formulae and Equations like:

 Formula (all,c,COM) SALES(c) = DIRECTSALES(c) + if (c in MAR, MARSALES(c));
 Equation E_a1tech (all,i,IND) a1tech(i) = fa1tech(i) + if (i in ENERGY, a1energy(i));

where MARSALES is dimensioned over the set MAR and a1energy over the set ENERGY. Such expressions (which were not allowed previously) can help make code clearer, and can make possible equations that explain all elements of an LHS variable -- so that the LHS variable can be substituted out (a main way to reduce solve time).

More details here.

Transfer (IfHeaderExists)

A statement like:

 Transfer "HED3" FROM FILE infile TO FILE outfile;

will stop with an error if there is no header "HED3" on file infile. But in GEMPACK 11, the statement:

 Transfer (IfHeaderExists) "HED3" FROM FILE infile TO FILE outfile;

will do nothing (ie, cause no error) if there is no header "HED3" on file infile. The new "(IfHeaderExists)" qualifier allows a TABLO program to copy specified headers which might or might not be present on an input file.

Fortran support

For Release 11, Source-code GEMPACK now allows you to use the free GFortran compiler which you can download here. Also, Version 12 of the Intel Fortran compiler is now supported. Versions 10 and 11 of the Intel Fortran compiler are still supported, as is the LF95 Lahey compiler. However, GEMPACK 11 no longer supports the ageing LF90 Fortran compiler -- which is only partly compatible with Windows XP and later. If you are still using LF90, you'd need to upgrade to one of these modern replacements.

Online Manual

Previous GEMPACK documentation was contained in a number of separate manuals called GPD-1 to GPD-9. Now most of these documents have been revised and consolidated into a single HTM document, gpmanual.htm, which you can view on your PC. GEMPACK Windows programs link to this file, via the Help menu. Compared to the previous PDFs, it is easier to navigate and locate information. There will also be a PDF version, from which you can print out excerpts.


The closure can be taken from any Release 9 or later Solution file. Prior to Release 11, this could not be done if there were backsolved variables on the Solution file. More details here.

The GEMPACK GUI programs have the following new features:

Other improvements since Release 10

GEMPACK Release 11 also includes the enhancements introduced in the update Release 10.0-002 (April 2010), including:

GEMPACK 11 also includes features introduced for GEMPACK Release 10.0-001 (April 2009) such as:

Ordering or Upgrading

Release 11 will be supplied to all new GEMPACK purchasers from October 2011. Price details are listed here. Current subscribers to the "annual payment scheme" for the source-code version of GEMPACK Release are entitled to download a free upgrade if they wish -- they should email (specifying their licence number) for further details. Previous purchasers under the "single payment" scheme are entitled to an upgrade price. Substantial discounts are offered to universities and to users from lower-income countries.

Free Trial

You can freely download the Limited Executable-Image of GEMPACK 11 from here -- it comes with a 6-month trial licence.

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