GEMPACK Release 12.1 (December 2019, latest update 12.1.004 February 2020)

Release 12.1 maintains the recent trend of speeding up simulations. LU decomposition is faster, as is GEMSIM. Performance improvements are listed in a table at the end of this page.

New features include automatic homogeneity testing, further improvements to searching in the TABmate editor, improvements to ViewHAR and ViewSOL, and faster start times for graphical interface (GUI) programs. As well, many small bugs introduced in Release 12.0 have been fixed.


Release 12.1 will be supplied to all new GEMPACK purchasers. Current subscribers to the annual payment scheme for the source-code version of GEMPACK are advised to download a free upgrade -- they should email (specifying their licence number) for further details.

In some cases, Release 12.1 licences will need to be 'activated'; more details here.

Advice to GFortran source-code users

Note that GEMPACK 12.1 or later requires GFortran version 6.4.0. If you are upgrading to GFortran 6.4.0, first uninstall the older GFortran. [In Control Panel "Programs and Features" uninstall, for example, "MinGW-w64 version 1.0 GCC 4.8.1 prerelease (GEMPACK compatible)". More information.]

Advice to Intel Fortran source-code users

GEMPACK 12.1 requires Intel Fortran version 13 to 19 inclusive.

EXE files produced by GEMPACK 12.1 and the Intel compiler need to have access to a file called libiomp5md.dll. Normally access is guaranteed, since this file comes with both GEMPACK 12.1 and Intel Fortran. However, if you use GEMPACK 12.1 (or later) with Intel Fortran and intend to distribute TABLO-generated EXE files (for example, in RunDynam archives or in RunGTAP version zips) to other people who might not have installed Intel Fortran or GEMPACK 12.1, you should be aware of the missing DLL problem.

Recent GEMPACK speedups

The table below shows recent GEMPACK speedups. Run-times for 4 large models [GTAP4040, MMRF4, MonUSAoct03 and TERM] are shown in seconds. For testing details please see here.

recent GEMPACK speedups

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