MSplitCom is a version of the SplitCom programs, different in that
(a) it lacks a Windows interface -- instead you run a BAT file from the command line.
(b) it allows you to split several sectors at the same time.
(c) the format of the additional user-supplied splitting data is different.
(d) more GEMPACK experience is assumed.

Download Version 1b [8 Dec 2008]

Download (1.07 MB) and unzip into an empty new folder with a short and simple name (such as C:\MSplitCom).
Print out and study the file MSplitCom.Doc before experimenting with the programs.

You can do a test run by typing:


to produce needed AXS/AXT and EXE files. Then type:


to run the example.

Main changes for Dec 2008 version

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