GEMPACK General Equilibrium Modelling Software

GEMPACK (General Equilibrium Modelling PACKage) is a suite of economic modelling software. It is especially suitable for computable general equilibrium (CGE) models, but can handle a wide range of economic behaviour.

GEMPACK Release 12 now available.. More details here.

  • GEMPACK enables modellers to solve very large systems of non-linear equations.
  • Once the model equations have been specified using an algebra-like notation, modellers are freed from the computing details of the solution process.
  • The GEMPACK software calculates accurate solutions of the economic model.
  • All features (basic and advanced) are fully documented. Detailed instructions (including many hands-on examples) help new users to get started.
  • GEMPACK Windows programs help you visualize and explore code, data and results.
  • GEMPACK contains powerful capabilities for solving recursive-dynamic and fully-intertemporal models.
  • Prompt feedback is given when problems are reported.
  • We present regular training courses. Or, try the free, introductory-level Minimal course. No additional software is needed.
  • GEMPACK is effective as a teaching tool, for classroom use.
  • GEMPACK is used in over 400 organisations in over 90 countries (press report).
  • GEMPACK is continually improved -- latest release is GEMPACK 12.

2016 map of countries with GEMPACK Countries with GEMPACK licences (red; right-click to view larger image)

Learning more
Read about the several versions of GEMPACK with different prices and capabilities.
Or, download and experiment with a Free Trial Version.

Use the top navigation bar or the site map to find your way around the GEMPACK website.

Shishir Shakya has prepared a series of videos teaching basic CGE using GEMPACK.

Dec 2018: GEMPACK Release 12.0.002 a minor update release for 12.0.000 is now available.

Sep 2018: GEMPACK Release 12.0 now available.

Jul 2017: HARPY Python tools for accessing HAR files now available.

Feb 2016: GEMPACK Release 11.4 now available.

Jan 2016: The Argenteola Award for best GEMPACK bug-report of 2014 has been won by Janine Dixon.

Oct 2015: New GEMPACK worker Florian Schiffmann.

May 2015: Ken Pearson, creator of GEMPACK, dies. More details here.

Mar 2015: The Limited-Size Executable-Image version of GEMPACK is now available free to universities.

Feb 2014: 30th Anniversary of GEMPACK [more history here and here].

May 2011: A Working Paper Solution Software for CGE Modeling by Mark Horridge and Ken Pearson, which compares GEMPACK, GAMS and MPSGE, may be downloaded here.

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