General Papers B

G -101
Some Short-Run Implications of Fightback: A General Equilibrium Analysis pp. 46.
G. A. Meagher and Brian R. Parmenter
(abstract and download) June 1993

G -102
Integrating Econometric and Environmetric Modelling pp. 12.
Alan A. Powell
(abstract and download) Nov. 1993

G -103
The Use of the ORANI Model in the Immigration Debate pp. 8.
Matthew W. Peter
(abstract and download) Dec. 1993

G -104
Energy Taxes and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Australia pp. 34.
R. A. McDougall
Dec. 1993
(abstract and download)

G -105
A Forward-Looking General Equilibrium Simulation Model with an Application to the Australian Economy pp. 49.
Sang Hee Han
Dec. 1993

Applied General Equilibrium Modelling: Achievement, Failure and Potential pp. 8.
Peter B. Dixon
Dec. 1993
(abstract and download)

Trade Liberalization and Intra-Industry Specialization: The Australian Experience pp. 17.
Jayant Menon
June 1994
(abstract and download)

Flexible Exchange Rates and Traded Goods Prices: A Theory of the Short-Run pp. 15.
Jayant Menon
June 1994
(abstract and download)

The Macroeconomic, Industrial, Distributional and regional Effects of Government Spending Programs in South Africa, pp. iii+39.
J. Mark Horridge, Brian R. Parmenter, Martin Cameron, Riaan Joubert and Areef Suleman
April 1995
(abstract and download)

G -110
How Important is Intra Industry Trade in Australia's Rapid Trade Growth? pp. 15.
Jayant Menon and Peter B. Dixon
June 1994
(abstract and download)

Medium- and Long-run Consequences for Australia of an APEC Free Trade Area: CGE Analyses using the GTAP and MONASH Models, pp. iii+34
Philip D. Adams, Karen M. Huff, Robert McDougall, K.R. Pearson and Alan A. Powell
December 1996 (revised)
(abstract and download)

Modelling Manufactured Imports: Methodological Issues with Evidence from Australia, pp. iii+13
Premachandra Athukorala and Jayant Menon
April 1995
(abstract and download)

Measures of Intra-Industry Trade as Indicators of Factor Market Disruption, pp. iii+13
Peter B. Dixon and Jayant Menon
April 1995
(abstract and download)

Regional Trade Arrangements and Intra-Industry Trade: The Case of ANZCERTA, pp. 111+25
Jayant Menon and Peter B. Dixon
April 1995
(abstract and download)

The Effect of Immigration on Residents' Incomes in Australia: Some issues Reconsidered, pp. iii+18
Matthew W. Peter and George Verikios
May 1995
(abstract and download)

Future Workforce Skills: Projections with the MONASH Model, pp. vi+15
G.A. Meagher and B.R. Parmenter
March 1996
(abstract and download)

Economic Modelling and the National Strategy for Vocational Education and training, pp. vi+11
G.A. Meagher and B.R. Parmenter
March 1996
(abstract and download)

Coordinating Policies for Human Resources Development, pp. vi+18
G.A. Meagher
March 1996
(abstract and download)

How Reliable Are Intra-Industry Trade Measures as Indicators of Adjustment Costs?, pp. vi+13
Jayant Menon
March 1996
(abstract and download)

Compositional Data Analysis and Zeros in Micro Data
Jane M. Fry, Tim R.L. Fry and Keith R. McLaren
March 1996
(abstract and download)

Structural Change, the Demand for Skilled Labour and Lifelong Learning
G.A. Meagher
August 1997
(abstract and download)

Women and Part-Time Employment: The Waverley Survey, December 1997
Judith S. Willis
(abstract and download)

Productivity in Australian Education between 1986/87 and 1993/94, December 1997
George Verikios
(abstract and download)

Re-Estimating Real Output for Service Industries in Australia, January 1998
George Verikios
(abstract and download)

When Modellers Behave Like Lawyers: Have we Lost The Plot?, December 1997
Alan A. Powell
(abstract and download)

Estimating the Behaviour of Productivity in Government Administration Services in Australia, January 1998
George Verikios
(abstract and download)

Measuring Output of Government Administration, Defence, and Property and Business Services: Some Estimates for Australia, January 1998
George Verikios
(abstract and download)

The Potential Benefits of Hilmer and Related Reforms: Electricity Supply, April 1998
John L. Whiteman
(abstract and download)

Scale Efficiency in the New Zealand Dairy Industry: A Non-Parametric Approach, June 1998
Mohammad Jaforullah and John L. Whiteman
(abstract and download)

Long-run Effects on China of APEC Trade Liberalisation, October 1998
Philip D. Adams, Mark Horridge, Brian R Parmenter (Monash University) and Xiao-Guang Zhang (University of Melbourne)
(abstract and download)

The Government's Tax Package: Further Analysis based on the Monash Model, April 1999
Peter B. Dixon and Maureen Rimmer
(abstract and download)

Market Power in Australian Manufacturing Industry: A Confirmation of Hall's Hypothesis, April 1999
Kaludura Abayasiri-Silva
(abstract and download)

Tax Evasion in a Corrupt Economy
Edimon Ginting
October 1999 (abstract and download)

The Measurement of Efficiency Where There Are Multiple Outputs
John L. Whiteman
November 1999 (abstract and download)

Drought, Regions and the Australian Economy between 2001-02 and 2004-05
Philip D. Adams, Mark Horridge, John Madden and Glyn Wittwer
(abstract and download)

Explaining a dynamic CGE simulation with a trade-focused back-of-the-envelope analysis: the effects of eCommerce on Australia
Peter B. Dixon and Maureen T. Rimmer
December 2002 (abstract and download)

Estimating the Effects of China's Accession to the World Trade Organisation
Yin Hua Mai, Mark Horridge and Frances Perkins
April 2003. (abstract and download)

Measuring Contributions to the Australian Economy: The Benefits of a Fast-growing Motor Vehicle and Parts Industry
Peter B. Dixon and Maureen T. Rimmer
May 2003 (abstract and download)

Effects of Reducing Tariffs and Endogenous Productivity Growth
YinHua Mai
December 2003 (abstract and download)

MMRF-GREEN: A Dynamic Multi-Regional Applied General Equilibrium Model of the Australian Economy, Based on the MMR and MONASH Models
Philip D. Adams, Mark Horridge and Glyn Wittwer
October 2003 (abstract and download)

Using a highly disaggregated multi-regional single-country model to analyse the impacts of the 2002-03 drought on Australia
Mark Horridge, John Madden and Glyn Wittwer
October 2003 (abstract and download)

Why do some countries save more than others?
Shusaku Yamamoto
February 2004 (abstract and download)

The US Economy From 1992 to 1998: Historical and Decomposition Simulations with the USAGE Model
Peter B. Dixon and Maureen T. Rimmer
October 2003 (abstract and download)

The US Economy From 1992 to 1998: Results from a Detailed CGE Model
Peter B. Dixon and Maureen T. Rimmer
April 2004 (abstract and download)

Disaggregation of Results From a Detailed General Equilibrium Model of the US to the State Level
Peter B. Dixon and Maureen T. Rimmer
April 2004 (abstract and download)

Macro, Industry and State Effects in the U.S. of Removing Major Tariffs and Quotas
Peter B. Dixon, Maureen T. Rimmer and Marinos E. Tsigas
June 2004 (abstract and download)

The Effects of a Free Trade Agreement Between the USA and the South African Customs Union (SACU)
Philip D. Adams and J. Mark Horridge
July 2004 (abstract and download)

The Effects of a Free Trade Agreement Between Australia and the USA with Special Reference to the Victorian Economy: Main Report
Philip D. Adams
December 2003 (abstract and download)

Economic Integration, Poverty and Regional Inequality in Brazil
Joaquim Bento de Souza Ferreira Filho and Mark Horridge
July 2004 (abstract and download)

The MONASH-Multi-Country (MMC) Model and the Investment Liberalisation in China's Oil Industry
Yinhua Mai
October 2005 (abstract and download)

The Extent and Consequences of Recent Structural Changes in the Australian Economy, 1997-2002: Results from Historical/Decomposition Simulations with MONASH
James Giesecke
December 2004 (abstract and download)

Regional Macroeconomic Outcomes Under Alternative Arrangements for the Financing of Urban Infrastructure
James Giesecke, Peter B. Dixon and Maureen T. Rimmer
January 2005 (abstract and download)

Modelling the Potential Benefits of an Australia-China Free Trade Agreement
Yinhua Mai, Philip Adams, Mingtai Fan, Ronglin Li and Zhaoyang Zheng
October 2005 (abstract and download)

The Displacement Effect of Labour-Market Programs: Estimates from the MONASH Model
Peter B. Dixon and Maureen T. Rimmer
July 2005 (abstract and download)

Analyzing Economic Structural Change in a General Equilibrium Framework: The case of Switzerland from 1990 to 2001
Laurent Cretegny
May 2005 (abstract and download)

Trade Liberalisation Scenarios for Wool Under an Australia-China Free Trade Agreement
YinHau Mai and Philip Adams
October 2005 (abstract and download)

James Giesecke and Tony Meagher
Modelling the Economic Impacts of Migration and Population Growth
May 2006(abstract and download)

An Aggregate Social Accounting Matrix for the Australian Economy: Data Sources and Methods
Felicity Pang, G.A. Meagher and G.C. Lim
Revised August 2008 (abstract and download)

The Economic Impacts of Improved Foreign Investor Confidence in Bangladesh: A CGE Analysis
Serajul Hoque
September 2006 (abstract and download)

Removing border protection on wheat and rice: effects on rural income and food securities in China
Yinhua Mai
May 2006 (abstract and download)

The Chinese Economy from 1997:2015: Developing a Baseline for the MC-HUGE Model
Yinhua Mai
September 2006 (abstract and download)

Analysing a hypothetical Pierce's disease outbreak in South Australia using a dynamic CGE approach
Glyn Wittwer, Simon McKirdy and Ryan Wilson
September 2006 (abstract and download)

Evidence-based Trade Policy Decision Making in Australia and the Development of Computable General Equilibrium Modelling
Peter B. Dixon
October 2006 (abstract and download)

The economic impacts of a construction project, using SinoTERM, a multi-regional CGE model of China
Mark Horridge and Glyn Wittwer
June 2007 (abstract and download)

Uncovering the Factors behind Comparative Regional Economic Performance: A Dynamic CGE Approach
James A Giesecke and John R Madden
December. 2006 (abstract and download)

The global wine market in the decade to 2015 with a focus on Australia and Chile
Glyn Wittwer
July. 2007 (abstract and download)

Why, how and when did GTAP happen? What has it achieved? Where is it heading?
Alan Powell
September. 2007 (abstract and download)

The Sydney Olympics, seven years on: an ex-post dynamic CGE assessment
James A Giesecke, John R Madden
September. 2007 (abstract and download)

The Downside of Domestic Substitution of Oil with Biofuels: Will Brazil Catch the Dutch Disease?
James A. Giesecke , J. Mark Horridge and José A. Scaramucci
December 2007 (abstract and download)

The Macroeconomic, Industrial and Distributional Effects of Removing Tariffs in Bangladesh
Serajul Hoque
January 2008 (abstract and download)

Growth and structural change in the Vietnamese economy 1996-2003: A CGE analysis
Tran Hoang Nhi and James A. Giesecke
February 2008 (abstract and download)

Modelling the Economic Effects of Population Ageing
James Giesecke and G.A. Meagher
February 2008 (abstract and download)

Will drought erode the competitiveness of Australia's wine industry?
Glyn Wittwer
March 2008 (abstract and download)

Population Ageing, Labour Market Reform and Economic Growth in China - A Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis
Xiujian Peng and Yinhua Mai
May 2008 (abstract and download)

Creating and managing an impossibly large CGE database that is up-to-date
Mark Horridge and Glyn Wittwer
May 2008 (abstract and download)

How would global trade liberalization affect rural and regional incomes in Australia?
Kym Anderson,James Giesecke and Ernesto Valenzuela
July 2008 (abstract and download)

Welfare effects of unilateral changes in tariffs: the case of Motor vehicles and parts in Australia
Peter B. Dixon and Maureen T. Rimmer
September 2008 (abstract and download)

Does it Matter Whether Market Distortions are Evaluated Using Comparative-statics or Dynamics?
Peter G. Mavromatis and George Verikios
November 2008 (abstract and download)

The Long-Run Effects of Structural Change and the Treatment of International Capital Accumulation, Mobility and Ownership
George Verikios and Kevin Hanslow
January 2009 (abstract and download)

Enhancing Agriculture and Energy Sector Analysis in CGE Modelling: An Overview of Modifications to the USAGE Model
R. Ashley P. Winston
January 2009 (abstract and download)

Population Ageing and Structural Adjustment
James Giesecke and G.A. Meagher
January 2009 (abstract and download)

Modelling Value-Added Tax in the Presence of Multiproduction and Differentiated Exemptions
James Giesecke and Nhi Hoang Tran
February 2009 (abstract and download)

Reducing Illegal Migrants in the U.S.: A Dynamic CGE Analysis
Peter B. Dixon, Martin Johnson and Maureen T. Rimmer
July 2008 (abstract and download)

The Economic Consequences of the U.S. Border Closure in Response to a Security Threat: A Dynamic CGE Assessment
P.B. Dixon, J.A. Giesecke, M.T. Rimmer and A. Rose
April 2009 (abstract and download)

Modelling major projects: What are the factors that determine net social benefits?
James A Giesecke and John R Madden
April 2009 (abstract and download)

Modelling the Australian government's buyback scheme with a dynamic multi-regional CGE model
Peter B. Dixon, Maureen T. Rimmer and Glyn Wittwer
April 2009 (abstract and download)

Development of a large-scale single U.S. region CGE model using IMPLAN data: A Los Angeles County example with a productivity shock application
J.A. Giesecke
August 2009 (abstract and download)

The effects of facilitating the flow of rural workers to urban employment in China
Yinhua Mai, Xiujian Peng, Peter B. Dixon and Maureen T. Rimmer
Nov 2009 (abstract and download)

Estimating the size of rural labour surplus in China - A dynamic general equilibrium analysis
Yinhua Mai and Xiujian Peng
June 2009 (abstract and download)

The costs of keeping cool for Australians with Multiple Sclerosis
George Verikios, Michael Summers, Rex Simmons and Zanfina Ademi
August 2009 (abstract and download)

Future Population Trends in China: 2005-2050
Chen Wei and Liu Jinju
Sep 2009 (abstract and download)

Will an Appreciation of the Renminbi Rebalance the Global Economy? A Dynamic Financial CGE Analysis
Jingliang Xiao and Glyn Wittwer
Nov 2009 (abstract and download)

Simulating the U.S. Recession with and without the Obama package: the role of excess capacity
Peter B. Dixon and Maureen T. Rimmer
Jan 2010 (abstract and download)

Assessment of the Regional Economic Impacts of Catastrophic Events: CGE analysis of resource loss and behavioral effects of a RDD attack scenario
J.A. Giesecke, W.J. Burns, A. Barrett, E. Bayrak, A. Rose, and M. Suher
Jan 2010 (abstract and download)

Minimum Cost Feeding of Dairy Cows in Northern Victoria
Marnie Griffith
Jan 2010 (abstract and download)

China's Growing Demand for Energy and Primary Inputs - Terms of trade Effects on Neighbouring Countries
Yinhua Mai, Philip Adams, Peter B. Dixon
Aug 2009 (abstract and download)

Forecasting with a CGE model: does it work?
Peter B. Dixon and Maureen T. Rimmer
May 2009 (abstract and download)

Theoretical Structure of the FAGE Model
Jingliang Xiao
March 2010 (abstract and download)

Exporting Economic Models: CoPS' Experience in South Africa and Asia
Brian R. Parmenter and J. Mark Horridge
June 1994 (abstract and download)

Culling dairy cows as a response to drought in northern Victoria
Marnie Griffith
June 2010 (abstract and download)