IP Series

IMPACT: An Economic-Demographic Model of Australian Industry Structure - Preliminary Outline pp. 21.
Alan A. Powell and Tony Lawson
Sept. 1975
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The Costs of Protection : The Old and New Arguments pp. 48. A revised version entitled Economies of Scale, Commodity Disaggregation and the Costs of Protection is in Australian Economic Papers, Vol. 17, No. 30, June 1978, pp. 63-80.
Peter B. Dixon
June 1976
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The Construction of Price and Quantity Indexes for Australian Trade Flows pp. 76.
J. S. Marsden and L. F. Milkovits
Oct. 1977
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The IMPACT Project as a Tool for Policy Analysis : Brief Overview pp. 20. Also in The Australian Quarterly, Vol. 51, No. 1, March 1979, pp. 62-74.
Alan A. Powell and Brian R. Parmenter
May 1978
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ABS Labour Force Survey and Income Distribution Survey Data : Preliminary Analysis pp. 40.
Dean Parham and G. J. Ryland
Sept. 1978
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Advances in Input-Output Analysis : A Review Article pp. 28. Also in The Journal of Policy Modeling, Vol. 1, No. 2, May 1979, pp. 271-285.
Peter B. Dixon and B. R. Parmenter
Oct. 1978
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Projections of Australia's World Trade Opportunities: Mid and Late Nineteen Eighties pp. 88.
J. W. Freebairn
Dec. 1978
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Some Comments on the ABS Occupational Classification System and the IMPACT Occupational Grouping pp. 48.
Rowen Craigie
July 1979
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The Major Streams of Economy-Wide Modeling : Is Rapprochement Possible? pp. 49. Also Ch. 9 in Jan Kmenta and James B. Ramsey (eds), Large- Scale Macro-Econometric Models : Theory and Practice (Amsterdam : North-Holland, 1981), pp. 219-264.
Alan A. Powell
April 1980
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The ORANI-MACRO Interface pp. 83. Out of print but also available entitled "The ORANI-MACRO Interface: An Illustrative Exposition" in The Economic Record, Vol. 59, No. 165, (June 1983), pp. 166-179.
Russel J. Cooper and Keith R. McLaren
May 1980
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Estimation of an Australian Capital Stock Matrix for the IMPACT Project pp. 212.
Margaret A. Hourigan
Aug. 1980
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A Preliminary Analysis of Factors Affecting the Hourly and Weekly Earnings of Employees pp. 74.
Ashok Tulpule
Feb. 1981
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The ORANI-MACRO Interface : An Illustrative Exposition pp. 40. Also in The Economic Record, Vol. 59, No. 165, June 1983, pp. 166-179.
Russel J. Cooper and Keith R. McLaren
June 1981
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Aspects of Labour Market Theory and Behaviour Highlighted by IMPACT Project Studies pp. 44. Also in Richard Blandy and Owen Covick (eds), Understanding Labour Markets (Sydney: Allen and Unwin, 1984), pp. 137-165.
Alan A. Powell
May 1982
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An Approach to the Macroeconomic Closure of General Equilibrium Models pp. 28.
Russel J. Cooper and Keith R. McLaren
Aug. 1982
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A Preliminary Analysis of the Effects of Changes in the Occupational Structure in Australia on Employment by Sex, 1971-1976 pp. 21.
Sheila M. Bonnell
Aug. 1982
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Design of the ORANI-MACRO-BACHUROO Interface pp. 29.
Russel J. Cooper and Keith R. McLaren
Sept. 1982
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A Tariff Experiment on the Interfaced ORANI-MACRO System pp. 29.
Russel J. Cooper
April 1983
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Macroeconomic Closure in Applied General Equilibrium Modelling: Experience from ORANI and Agenda for Further Research pp. 60.
Alan A. Powell, Russel J. Cooper and Keith R. McLaren
Sept. 1983
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Policy Analysis Using a Computable General Equilibrium Model : A Review of Experience at the IMPACT Project pp. 38. Also in Australian Economic Review, 1st Qtr, 1985, pp. 3-15.
B. R. Parmenter and G. A. Meagher
May 1984
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Major Themes in the Results of Papers Presented to the 1984 Conference on Trade Policy Modelling pp. 16. Summarised by R. Wigle in T. N. Srinivasan and J. Whalley (eds), General Equilibrium Trade Policy Modeling, Proceedings of the New York Conference, Columbia University, April 1984 (Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, 1986), pp. 324-329.
B. R. Parmenter
April 1984
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The IDE ASEAN-Korea-US-Japan Input-Output Data Base pp. 112.
Peter J. Higgs
June 1985
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Numerical Methods for Investment Models with Foresight pp. 47.
Peter J. Wilcoxen
July 1985
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The IMPACT Trade Flow Data Base pp. 35.
Chris M. Alaouze
Aug. 1985
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Computable Models of Investment with Foresight pp. 73.
Peter J. Wilcoxen
Oct. 1985
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A Generalized Intertemporal Model of Commodity Demands and Labour Supply pp. 21. Also in Jia-pei Wu and Shou-yi Zhang (eds), The Role of Economic Modelling in National Economic Management (Beijing: Institute of Quantitative and Technical Economics, 1987), pp. 235-246 (in Chinese).
Russel J. Cooper and Keith R. McLaren
Feb. 1986
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Automating the Computation of Solutions of Large Economic Models pp. 28. Also in Economic Modelling, October 1988, pp. 385-395.
K. R. Pearson
March 1986 (abstract and download)

From ELES to ELESA: A Linear Expenditure System with Assets pp. 18. A revised version is forthcoming in The Economic Record. A summarised version entitled "The Extended Linear Expenditure System with Financial Assets" appears in Economics Letters, 31(1989), pp. 179-182.
Philip D. Adams
Nov. 1986
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The ORANI-Income Distribution Model: Labour Market Issues pp. 32.
Nisha Agrawal
Dec. 1986
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Forecasting with a Computable General Equilibrium Model pp. 43.
Peter J. Higgs
Feb. 1987
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Distributional Effects of Alternative Policy Responses to Australia's Terms of Trade Deterioration pp. 65.
Nisha Agrawal and G. A. Meagher
Aug. 1987
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Analysing Distributional Issues Using Equivalent-Adult Disposable Incomes pp. 30.
Nisha Agrawal
July 1987
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Influences of the Application Environment on the Development of Software for Large Economic Models pp. 18. Also in Commercial Software Engineering: A Way Ahead, Proceedings of Australian Software Engineering Conference, May 1987, The Institution of Radio and Electronics Engineers, Australia, pp. 199-207, 1987.
George Codsi and Ken Pearson
July 1987
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Australian Household Sector Wealth Statistics for the Estimation of the Extended Linear Expenditure System with Assets pp. 88.
Philip D. Adams
Oct. 1987
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Investment with Foresight in General Equilibrium pp. 50.
Peter J. Wilcoxen
Nov. 1987
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Who Will Get the Jobs? Labour Market Effects of a 25 Per Cent Across-the-Board Tariff Reduction pp. 46.
Nisha Agrawal
April 1988
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A Forward Looking Approach to Portfolio Analysis Using a Computable General Equilibrium Model pp. 146.
Peter J. Higgs
June 1988
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Estimation of the Extended Linear Expediture System with Assets pp. 74.
Philip D. Adams
May 1988
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Developing and Implementing Large Economic Models Using GEMPACK, A General Purpose Software Suite pp. 31. Revised version published under the title "GEMPACK: General-Purpose Software for Applied General Equilibrium and Other Economic Modellers" is in Computer Science in Economics and Management, Vol. 1, 1988, pp. 189-207.
G. Codsi and K. R. Pearson
July 1988 (abstract and download)

A Mapping of Selected Australian Corporations Across Input-Output Industries pp. 302.
Peter J. Higgs
Dec. 1988
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The Effects of Fiscal Restraint on the Australian Economy as Projected by the Murphy and MSG Models: A Comparison pp. 55. Forthcoming in The Economic Record.
Bruce F. Parsell, Alan A. Powell and Peter J. Wilcoxen
July 1989
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Tariff Reform and the Distribution of Household Incomes pp. 52.
Nisha Agrawal
Aug. 1989
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Protection as a Tax on Consumers: Who Bears the Burden? pp. 58.
Nisha Agrawal
Aug. 1989
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The Reconciliation of Computable General Equilibrium and Macroeconomic Modelling: Grounds for Hope? pp. 39.
Bruce F. Parsell, Alan A. Powell and Peter J. Wilcoxen
Dec. 1989 (abstract and download)

Intertemporal Optimization in General Equilibrium: A Practical Introduction pp. 170.
Peter J. Wilcoxen
Dec. 1989
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Supply Elasticities in the Presence of Adjustment Costs pp. 27. Also in Journal of Policy Modeling, Vol 15, No. 1, February 1993, pp. 91-97.
Peter J. Wilcoxen
March 1990
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A Fast Algorithm for Solving Rational Expectations Models pp. 8.
Peter J. Wilcoxen
April 1990
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The Use of Adjustment Cost Investment Models in Intertemporal Computable General Equilibrium Models pp. 49.
Keith R. McLaren
March 1991
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Stimulation of Employment in Neo-classical Models pp. 43.
Michael Malakellis and Matthew Peter
March 1991 (abstract and download)

The Mathematical Programming Approach to Applied General Equilibrium Modelling: Notes and Problems pp. 107.
Peter B. Dixon
April 1991 (abstract and download)

General Purpose Software for Intertemporal Modelling pp. 39.
George Codsi, K. R. Pearson and Peter J. Wilcoxen
May 1991
(abstract and download)

Factor Market Incidence of Agricultural Trade Liberalization: Some Additional Results pp. 17. Also in Australian Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 35, No. 1, April 1991, pp. 91-107.
Thomas W. Hertel
June 1991
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The Fate of Agriculture under Trade Liberalization: Challenging Conventional Conclusions pp. 22.
Thomas W. Hertel
June 1991
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Mending the Family Tree: A Reconciliation of the Linearization and Levels Schools of CGE Modelling pp. 45.
Thomas W. Hertel, J. Mark Horridge and K. R. Pearson
June 1991 (abstract and download)

Solving Nonlinear Economic Models Accurately Via a Linear Representation
Ken Pearson
July 1991 (abstract and download)

Using the Murphy Model to Provide Short-Run Macroeconomic Closure for ORANI Model pp. 33.
James H. Breece, Keith R. McLaren, Chris Murphy and Alan A. Powell
July 1991 (abstract and download)

Flexibly Nested Production Functions: Implementation for MONASH pp. 29.
R. A. McDougall
June 1992 (abstract and download)

Import Price and Activity Elasticities for MONASH Model: Johansen FIML Estimation of Cointegration Vectors pp. 35.
Jayant Menon
July 1993 (abstract and download)

Exchange Rate Pass-through: Theory and Evidence pp. 48.
Jayant Menon
July 1993
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Exchange Rate Pass-Through for Australian Manufactured Imports: Estimates from Johansen Maximum-Likelihood Procedure pp. 10
Jayant Menon
July 1993 (abstract and download)

Solving Applied General Equilibrium Models Represented as a Mixture of Linearized and Levels Equations pp. 20,
W. Jill Harrison , K. R. Pearson, Alan A. Powell and E. John Small
Sept. 1993 (abstract and download)

The International Comparison Project as a Source of Private Consumption Data for a Global Input-Output Model pp. 22.
G. A. Meagher
Dec. 1993
(abstract and download)

Water Pricing and Investment in Melbourne: General Equilibrium Analysis with Uncertain Streamflow pp. 18.
J. Mark Horridge, Peter B. Dixon and Maureen T. Rimmer
Dec. 1993 (abstract and download)

Computing Solutions for Large General Equilibrium Models Using GEMPACK pp. 55.
W. Jill Harrison and K. R. Pearson
June 1994 (abstract and download)

Computable General Equilibrium Modelling pp. 94.
Peter B. Dixon and B. R. Parmenter
July 1994
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Multiregional and Intertemporal AGE Modelling via GEMPACK pp. 21.
W. Jill Harrison, K.R. Pearson and Alan A. Powell
September 1994 (abstract and download)

A Microsimulation/Applied General Equilibrium Approach to Analysing Income Distribution in Australia: Plans and Preliminary Illustration, March 1996, pp. 38
Peter B. Dixon, Michael Malakellis and G.A. Meagher
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Dynamic Analysis of a 'Solow-Romer' Model of Endogenous Economic Growth
Gordon Schmidt
August 1997
(abstract and download)

From Dornbusch to Murphy: Stylized Monetary Dynamics of a contemporary Macroeconometric Model
Alan A. Powell
(abstract and download)

Long-Run Simulations with GTAP: Illustrative Results from APEC Trade Liberalisation
Terrie L. Walmsley
January 1998 (abstract and download)

Can Tax Reform Work in an Economy Where Tax Avoidance and Evasion are Endemic?,
Edimon Ginting
January 1998 (abstract and download)

Incorporating International Capital Ownership into the GTAP Model: Results for Asia-Pacific Trade Liberalisation,
Terry L. Walmsley
April 1999 (abstract and download)

Decomposing Simulation Results with Respect to Exogenous Shocks, May 1999
W. Jill Harrison, J. Mark Horridge and K.R. Pearson
(abstract and download)

A General Equilibrium Model of Australia's Premier City
J. Mark Horridge
(abstract and download)

What is Assumed in the GTAP Database's Disaggregation of Labor by Skill Level?
Gouranga Gopal Das
(abstract and download)

Applied General Equiibrium Modelling and Labour Market Forecasting
G.A. Meagher, P.D. Adams and J.M Horridge
(abstract and download)

Absorption Capacity, Structural Similarity and Embodied Technology Spillovers in a 'Macro' Model: An Implementation Within the GTAP Framework
Gouranga Gopal Das and Alan A. Powell
(abstract and download)

A Practical Method for Explicitly Modeling Quotas and Other Complementarities
W. Jill Harrison, Mark Horridge, K.R. Pearson and Glyn Wittwer
(abstract and download)

Introduction to GEMPACK for GAMS Users
M. Kohlhaas and K.R. Pearson
(abstract and download)

Cobb-Douglas Utility - Eventually!
Alan A. Powell, Keith R. McLaren, K.R. Pearson and Maureen T.Rimmer
June 2002 (abstract and download)

Rational Expectations for Large Models: A Practical Algorithm and a Policy Application. pp iv+28.
Peter B. Dixon, K.R. Pearson, Mark R. Picton and Maureen T. Rimmer
May 2002 (abstract and download)

State-level Dynamic CGE Modeling for Forecasting and Policy Analysis. pp i+21.
Peter B. Dixon and Maureen T. Rimmer
August 2003 (abstract and download)

The Theory of Tariff Rate Quotas: An Application to the U.S. Sugar program using MONASH-USA
Ashley Winston
July 2005 (abstract and download)